Gabrielle Barzaghi

Succulent The New Works of Angela Cunningham


The New Works of Angela Cunningham


This body of work is inspired by exquisite forms in nature. I am drawn to the seductive textures, elegant lines, and fertile energy of flowers. Fruits and vegetables fascinate me with their tantalizing colors, dense seed structure, and grotesque beauty. The human body enters here and there – the curve of a hip, the softness of belly…

– Angela Cunningham

The Futures The Next Generation of Ceramic Trailblazers

At the recent 25th Anniversary celebration of Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, ceramicists and collectors spoke about what the next 25 years would reveal, not only at Watershed, but also in the creation of ceramic art. The Futures presents the work of nine early and mid-career artists, all of whom have been touched by their experience at Watershed. These men and women are trailblazers and trendsetters as much as keepers of tradition. They were selected for their unique approach to clay, as well as for their commitment to and respect for their craft. A group of dedicated and talented artists, these ceramicists are equal to the changes and challenges of their field. They are becoming the future of ceramics, and this show honors their journey.

Beauty Left Behind: The Work of Joan Walton

May 15 to June 13

Opening Friday, May 14, 6:00-8:00 PM

Joan Walton: Beauty Left Behind

Clay & Cloth Connection: November 2009

Ceramics by Eileen Braun          Quilts by Leni Wiener

Out of the Anagama: September/October 2009

Work by Kilnmasters

Tony Moore and Peter Callas give gallery talks