Eileen Braun's
newest porcelain pieces

 "Roots and Whistles"

will be on exhibit at the gallery beginning on First Friday, August 6th, 2010.

Featured Artist: Sandra Byers
This spring while working the soil of my vegetable garden, I unearthed a dried geranium root.  I became fascinated by its system of roots and nodes, its surface textures and the still  definable history of its past movement.  In my mind, these root systems merged with creatures from the sea and with the organs of the body —  ultimately reflecting the biomorphic qualities which always characterize my work. My trademark techniques of stippling, slip trailing, and sgraffitto are used to create the "skin" of these vessels, which not only encases and protects them but lures the viewer into touching the surfaces of these hand built porcelain clay pieces. — Eileen Braun 
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